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What are Broken Link :

A broken link (also known as a "dead link") is a hyperlink that does not work. If you click on a broken link, you will not be able to access the desired page. Hyperlinks typically appear as underlined or highlighted text or images. Broken links are web pages that users cannot find or access for various reasons. When a user tries to access a broken link, the web server often returns an error message. Broken links are often referred to as "broken links" or "broken links."

If you click on a broken link, you will receive an error message. Broken links can give website visitors a bad or unprofessional image, so website developers and designers need to take immediate action.

The broken links are very bad and these broken linsk create a very much negative impact on your website ranking and traffic amount. This tool is very effective in SEO point of view which helps to determine the broken links as these links can’t be shown easily. These are also called as dead links which are if existing there no contents will exist.Thsi tool scan your websites and tells you about those harmful links that could be removed as soon as possible in order to get a good page rank.This tool helps to find out the error relate dto such links for examples the 404 not found error. This tool is very friendly in all OS and works in all type of operating systems. Its provided on our website free of cost.

To remove these broken or dead links is very much important if you want a good amount of traffic mainly for which this tool helps you a lot finding out those.

Why The Broken Link Cause :

There are several causes of broken links like-

The website site is unavailable always
The web page is expired
The link relocates to a new domain
The link has been removed
The internal link has been changed
Linking to content like- PDFs, videos, etc. has been moved or deleted

Broken Link Checker :

The fastest and most accurate broken link checker. Join over 700,000 people using Broken Link Checker to monitor and detect broken links 20x faster than other plugins and with maximum accuracy. No page limits, no ads, no upsells. Enjoy easy and unlimited automated broken link checking from the beginning.

Broken links can impact your SEO, user experience, and website health. Broken Link Checker helps you find and fix broken links faster than similar plugins. Finding and tracking broken links can feel like a never-ending battle, especially when you work with large websites or manage multiple websites.
Link checking tools save you the hassle of manually searching for links and the frustration of discovering broken links months later that you overlooked (oops!).
But not all broken link checkers are the same...
You need a tool that not only automates the process, but also detects broken links quickly, thoroughly, and accurately.

How to Use Broken Link Checker :-

Our tool's intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to start checking and fixing site links in seconds. Just follow these steps:

Visit the Tool: Navigate to the Advance Broken Link Checker webpage.
Enter URL: Type in the domain you wish to scan, or choose to crawl the entire site.
Initiate Scan: Click "Check" to begin the comprehensive link audit. Our tool rapidly scans all links, both internal and external.
Review Errors: The checker categorizes broken links by response code. Correct 404 errors, 403 blocks, server failures and more.
Check Volumes: Review data on total links processed, good vs. broken ratios and overall site health scores.
Fix Broken Links: Update links, restore content or set redirects to resolve each issue.
Repeat Scans: Regularly audit sites, monitoring progress in reducing broken links over time.
Using the Broken Link Checker is simple, fast and requires no prior expertise. We designed it to empower website owners, developers, SEO professionals and casual users alike to optimize link integrity.

Importance of Broken Link Checker:

As mentioned earlier, broken links on your website will affect your rankings and user experience. There are billions of websites out there, making the Internet competitive. These annoying little details can negatively impact your digital presence in the long run. Therefore, broken links should be removed before they become a problem.

When a user clicks on a broken link, they receive a 404 code (page not found) or other failed HTTP response. As your website continues to grow, it may become difficult to keep track of all the links and pages within your website. That's why a broken link checker comes in handy for this follow-up.

Broken Links Create Negative Impact on Website:

Broken links are bad news because they can have several negative effects on your website.

Loss of traffic: If someone clicks on a broken link and gets a "page not found" error, they're likely to leave your site. This can have a significant impact on overall traffic numbers.
Loss of SEO rankings: Search engines like Google frown upon broken links because they indicate that your content is not well maintained or updated properly. Therefore, too many broken links can reduce your ranking on search engine results pages.

Frustrated visitor: No one wants to see a "Page Not Found" error message when trying to access content. This can lead to a poor user experience and cause them to leave your website permanently.
Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find and fix broken links. But before we get into it, you need to understand how to find broken links on a website.

Broken links reduce website traffic :-

If a visitor finds a broken link on your website, they will not prefer to visit your site again. And the search engines will assume that your website is not providing quality information to its visitors. Then the traffic on your website will be reduced, resulting in a lower ranking.

Google looks back of Broken Links :-
Every website owner’s dream is to have his website on the top of the Google search list. Google always provides a user-friendly experience and it includes saving the users from broken links. So, if you want to gain a better rank in Google, you must fix the broken links on your website.

Broken links terminate search engine crawlers :-
When a search engine crawler finds a broken link, it stops crawling that page and goes forward to the next page. This can surely hamper your website to get a good rank in SEO.


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