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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool:

This url rewriter tool helps to convert the url, which are dynamic.. This tool convert those dynamic urls to static urls . This tool could also be called as htaccess rewriting. Also for this you have to put a .htaccess file on your website folder because this url rewriter tool will works only in the presence of .htaccess file. Also this tool and url rewriting works on apache server only. The pages having static urls are more preferred on google search engines.It also gains more traffic in comparison to dynamic url pages.

What Is URL Rewriting?

URLs rewriting is popularly used by website owners, webmasters and SEO experts as static URLs are preferred than dynamic ones. Moreover, static URLs help in search engine optimization for ranking.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a website and make it ready for search engine optimization. Even every small detail such as the type of URLs is important for a website because it can have a significant effect on your website traffic and page rankings.

Are you still using long and dynamic URLs that are not web-surfers and SEO-friendly? If you are then it’s time to improve your URLs by converting them to static URLs.

You can modestly redirect one URL to another on a Linux Server with Apache Mod Rewrite Rule, without the visitor's and search engine's knowledge. To do that you have to modify your ".HTaccess" file.

Dynamic URL Rewriting:

URL modifying for dynamic pages proves to be useful when target clients perform explicit exercises on our site. Those specific exercises can be concluding a structure or quest for something from our site. It is begging to be proven wrong on the off chance that it has any importance for the web search tools, as specialists will quite often differ on this point.

They have no significance, and they appear to be non-existent for web indexes. The purpose for this is that they slither on our site. Further, they depend on backlinks, rather than our assignments, and the structures filled by our clients. Then again, dynamic sites can be refreshed and dealt with advantageously. Here the URL reworking instrument can be valuable. It can likewise help you in eliminating the pointless unique URLs from our site. Attempt a connection analyzer to survey the nature of your connections.

URL Rewriting Tool :-

You can use the online URL rewrite tool to turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter one. It will process your request and generate a shorter and static URL. This URL rewriting tool can improve your website’s online visibility so that your audience over the world can see and visit your website more.

The online URL rewriting tool is built using the Apache’s mod_rewrite module to convert a dynamic URL into the search engine and user-friendly static URLs.

The URL rewriting tool is quite simple and easy to use and petty helpful to convert from dynamic to static. Of course, static addresses are much easier to remember and also to share. But if you have developed and designed your website to allow people to make purchases or register or fill out forms, then, it won't be suitable to rewrite your site. If you do it so, the number of your regular visitors or customers may decrease.

Specification :

A URL revamp generator changes over powerful URLs into cordial connections of web crawler structures. These amicable web search tools normally prosper better in the pursuit bar when contrasted with enormous, a few boundaries and confounded URLs. It can draw in more rush hour gridlock as it generally appears to be agreeable to its end clients.

It is a ton easy to begin and rank with. Additionally, they are hugely appealing, also. URL reworking creates access codes. In the interim, they likewise give straightforwardness to you to eliminating dynamic URLs from our site.

Streamlined URL Management Workflows :-

Our rewriting API and interface centralizes capability making deep infrastructure rewrites painless through:

Bulk upload existing URLs grouped logically
Enter desired revised URLs matched to groups
Automatically generate redirect rules
Instantly preview changes isolating errors
Schedule migration timing all at once
Track visitor redirection rates across groups
What once required months of intricate developers hours now completes in days with full visibility minimizing disruption. Our tooling empowers smart thinking eclipsing otherwise manual heavy lifting barriers.

Why You Want A URL Modifying Tool?

Our free URL Reworking device will make your long as well as powerful URL into a static and more limited one. This is the normal strategy utilized by site proprietors, Website optimization specialists, and website admins as a static URL is for the most part liked. Also contrasted with the powerful ones, these are more straightforward to recall for end-clients.  Likewise, static URLs are simpler to bookmark when required. Static URL can aid improvement as well as web index positioning reason.

Further developing Your Search engine optimization Positioning

You may be utilizing the dynamic and long URLs which are Search engine optimization amicable as well as non-site guest cordial. Indeed, the opportunity has arrived for you to further develop utilizing a URL Revising Apparatus. This will change over the fundamental powerful URLs into static ones.

Further fostering Your Site improvement Situating

You might be using the dynamic and long URLs which are Website improvement agreeable as well as non-webpage visitor sincere. Without a doubt, the open door has shown up for you to additionally create using a URL Overhauling Contraption. This will change over the key strong URLs into static ones. 

For what reason having clean Url pleasant?

There could be two exceptionally impressive explanations behind you to modify your URLs. One of them is connected with Website improvement. It appears to be that web crawlers are considerably more calm with URLs that don't contain long inquiry strings. URL rewite rules are utilized to change over unique URLs into web search tool well disposed joins. These web search tool cordial static URLs for the most part rank better in web search tools and can draw in more rush hour gridlock as they generally look more amicable to the end clients.

A URL like http://www.domain.com/4/basic.html can be filed a lot simpler, though its dynamic structure, https://www.domain.com/cgi-receptacle/gen.php?id=1453&view=basic, can really confound the web search tools and prompt them to miss potentially significant data contained in the URL, and consequently keeping you from getting the normal positioning.

With clean URLs, the web indexes can recognize organizer names and can lay out genuine connections to catchphrases. Question string boundaries appear to be a hindrance in a web crawler's endeavor to play out the ordering. A considerable lot of the Website design enhancement experts concur that dynamic (a.k.a. messy) URLs are not extremely interesting to web bugs, while static URLs have more prominent perceivability in their "eyes".

Dynamic URL Benefits:

There's greater usefulness in destinations with Dynamic URL.

Dynamic sites are advantageously dealt with and update.

Indeed, even the clients can work a Unique Site helpfully.


It requires a ton of speculation to have and foster a Powerful Site.

It influences your Website optimization.


Static URL Benefits:

Creating and it isn't costly yet reasonable to have a Static Site.

Further develops your by and large Website design enhancement.


Conveys essential data only.

You should be learned about refreshing Static Sites.